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Taking the joke too far, in one act

THE SCENE: Monday. Mid-morning. Gchat.

Colin: So I bought my tickets for New York. Just sayin’.

Megeen Mike: YAY! What are your exact travel plans, so I can resume my intensive stalking of you?

Colin: Well, first of all, I’m going to pack seven shirts, three pairs of pants, two long-sleeved thermals, eight pairs of underwe—oh, wait. Not that specific?

Megeen Mike: …What color underwear?

Colin: Grey, blue, other blue, other other blue, olive green, multicolored stripe, Hello Kitty…

Megeen Mike: Oh, I miss that Hello Kitty underwear.

Colin: I know you do.

Megeen Mike: I haven’t seen it since I had my telescope trained on your bedroom window.

Colin: Well, I know you had at least three other identical pairs when I stole it from your panty drawer, so you can’t miss it that badly. By the way, did it ride up as badly on you as it does on me? Because daaaang.

Megeen Mike: Tee hee. “Panty drawer.”



Hyphenation rules and Victorian hussies, in one act

Note: the short-play conceit herein is stolen, with all admiration and respect, from the inimitable Tara Ariano. And, well, Pamie. And probably plenty of other bloggers as well. Also, um, I totally don’t Gchat at work. Nope. Not ever, no sir.


THE SCENE: A copyeditor’s computer monitor, with Firefox pointed to Gmail. A Gchat window blinks open.

Colin: Yo, newspaper girl. AP style question. “Caregiver” or “care giver”? A quick Google indicates the former, which is also my instinct.

Mags: You should always use as few letters and spaces as possible.

Colin: Yeah. And “care giver” seems so…antique. It’s, like, a hyphen away from the Victorian era. “Whither went my care-giver to-day?”

Mags: “To yonder field, sir, to find my glove. …And do the nasty.”

Colin: “Be ware not to knock your bustle askew, madam.”

Mags: Askew you.

Colin: Askew yourself, YOU SOP-WENCH.

Mags: Hee!

Colin: Wait, what is a sop-wench, exactly? Did I make that up? Is that…a thing?

Mags: I think it works.




Mags: Askew you.

Colin: Gesundheit!


London Retrospective: Week Three

(28 Jan to 3 Feb)

Okay: Week Three. It’s the second week of classes, and I’m still getting into the groove of things – it’s more difficult than usual for me to figure out how to manage my time. This is understandable, because a) my schedule is considerably less intense than it has been in previous semesters; no class until 2:00 on Tuesday? What? And b) I’m in London. It’s kind of distracting, you know? My group for a project in studio makes a visit to the British Museum (we’re designing an exhibition for the Grand Court), and it’s so much easier just to wander in awe than to take photos and think about circulation patterns. “Hey, want to get dinner after class?” turns into a solid three hours of conversation and laughter at The Shakespeare’s Head (a pub close to Faraday House; not great on authenticity, but they have decent prices and good burgers) before I realize that I have to read a play for Irish Lit the next day.

It’s still only the second “official” week of the semester, though, so my workload is fortunately pretty light, and as we’ve previously discussed, the weekend rolls around pretty quickly. The Friday Field Trip this week is to Windsor Castle – the oldest continually occupied castle in England (or maybe the world; I can’t remember) and, it must be noted, the Queen’s favorite residence.

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