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Apples to apples


Today, despite the most un-October-like heat and humidity, some of us in the Honors Student Association went on an apple-picking mission to the Beak & Skiff orchard (“‘Beacon Skip’? What? What kind of a name is that?”), about twenty-five minutes south of Syracuse. The orchard itself is big, and beautiful, and they have a killer per-pound rate for the pick-your-own stuff, but let’s think about this for a second: Honors students. Apple picking. On your list of Fun Things To Do, it’d probably fall somewhere between clipping your toenails and making EasyMac – it’s just not, I imagine, the most exciting of prospects for most people, is what I’m saying. It doesn’t exactly sound like rock n’ roll, does it?

But you’ve never met these Honors students.

Cut to Rachel in the driver’s seat, belting the lyrics to “Good Morning Baltimore” from the Hairspray soundtrack as we make our way towards I-81, speeding just enough to almost lose the others in Steph’s top-down convertible behind us; I’m riding shotgun, giggling behind the rolling camcorder that Steve-from-the-Honors-Program made me take along, to “document” our “activities.” And…well, let’s just say the resulting footage won’t be making its way into a family-oriented documentary anytime soon.

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