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“Dance like no one’s watching—because they’re probably not.”

Have you ever come across a particular musician, band, song, whatever, that—from the very first note you hear—fits you perfectly, like that hoodie from high school that has fraying cuffs and holes in the armpits but still holds pride of place on your closet shelf because no other article of clothing could ever come close to its comfort; that fills a small hole in your heart you didn’t even know was there; that makes you yell “HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT [blank] BEFORE” so loud you scare the other person in the room, that kindly soul who introduced you to your newfound musical love?

Yeah. Meet Tanya Davis from Halifax. She’s amazing.

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London Retrospective: Week Two

(21 Jan – 27 Jan)

My week begins with an epic quest: I have to deliver our first month’s rent (all $6500 of it – what was that about London being the most expensive city in the world?) to our landlord before my first class at 12:20. My flatmates all have class at 10:00, so it falls to me to traverse the city with more cash than I’ve ever even held before strapped to my body, sweating like a fiend because if I get mugged, there really isn’t any point in going on living. I feel like a one-man production of “The Italian Job,” which, trust me, is not as fun as it sounds. Every other person on the Tube seems like a vicious criminal who can smell the money on me; every rooftop conceals a sniper about to take me down. Money makes me nervous – or at least it does when I’m carrying $6500 in cash through a busy city.

But the delivery goes off smoothly, and once I arrive at Faraday House, the semester begins in earnest – if by “in earnest” you actually mean “Wednesday night rolls around and it’s already the weekend.” Best schedule ever, you guys. Classes look good; preliminary favorites include the Multidisciplinary Design Studio, which is a wonderful relief from the monotony of having studio with the same thirty people for the past two years, and Irish Literature, which…’nuff said. The rest of my flatmates only have classes through Wednesday too, so we plan to go see Westminster Abbey on Thursday.

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