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Catching up

Dear Blog,

Oh, I’m so very sorry to have neglected you for so long. No, really – you’re so kind about it, so understanding, but even with the various hells I was going through for the majority of last semester, I should have made time for you. I won’t bore you now with the details of the countless working-till-3:00-am nights, the impossible assignments, the frustrations with the department, the poor eating habits and distance from friends and struggle to survive. No, that’s all over now, thank goodness; I lived, that’s the important thing, and I’m moving on.

What I most regret is missing the chance to tell you some amazing stories, dearest Blog. The long-promised tale of NeoCon 2007, with pretty chairs and a damn good speaker; the fantastic trip to Denver for the National Collegiate Honors Conference (NerdFest 2007), which was basically an all-expenses-paid vacation disguised as an academic endeavor, in my favorite city, with one of my favorite people (“BIG BLUE BEAR!” “…What?”); my Thanksgiving trip to Mount Holyoke to see Hannah, which was my first time traveling alone by bus, and quite lovely; the organ recital I attended almost by accident that ended up being one of the most eye-opening musical experiences of my life; my 1:oo am MoMA Christmas-gift shopping spree; the tearful goodbyes at HSA’s Chillaxin’ with those jerks graduating next semester; the trip home, which would be more accurately described as the Day of Hell, where nearly every air-travel-related thing that could go wrong in fact did, short of an actual aviation disaster. At least I got my bags back. Eventually.

So, yes, it was a pretty eventful semester, right up until the bitter end – there are too many stories, now, to catch up on.

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So…about that pastrami?

Applications for studying abroad are due this coming Monday. I just emailed in my portfolio (in PDF format! I’m so proud I figured out how to make it into one. It only took one semi-desperate phone conversation with my dad, too!) and letter of intent. I still have to turn in hard copies of both items to SU Abroad, along with a cool sixty bucks in application fees, but I’m more or less there. Knock on wood.

This whole process has been like applying for college all over again, in miniature, complete with faculty recommendations and those horrible inane essay questions. The application wasn’t hard in the slightest—they don’t give you enough room to really get into it anyway—but it’s just that there are countless possible answers to “why do you want to study in London?” All of them are equally valid—the proximity to amazing museums, the benefits of immersion in another culture, the tremendous local architecture and design, the perspective-broadening opportunities, the ease of travel to elsewhere in Europe, the chance of picking up a non-American accent, and hey, I like Monty Python as much as the next person—and all of them are equally expected. That doesn’t make them any less true, necessarily, and I for one certainly can’t wait for spring break in Italy and weekend trips to Dublin and endless visits to the British Museum, but let me tell you a little secret. The real reason I want to pack up and haul off across the Atlantic for a semester, to live in London for a few months and expose myself to a double-dose of culture shock at both the beginning and the end of the program? Come closer, let me whisper:

It absolutely terrifies me.

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