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Excuses, excuses

Istanbul will “follow soon,” eh? Yeah, I’m a big fat liar. But it’s not (entirely) my fault, because let me tell you, that whole “Oh, I’m only taking fifteen credits, easiest semester ever” thing? Completely false. The past few weeks have been an absolute blur of papers and final projects and awesome London-y things, and…I don’t even know when I’ll have the time to catch up on bloggin’ it all. Probably when I get home. Which is a scant three weeks from today. Oy.

But rest assured, I’m keeping extensive mental notes on everything that’s happening. The retelling will be epic. Be excited.

Aaand back to work. See you…um, soon?


Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople

By 4:00 tonight, I’ll be on a plane to Istanbul. Istanbul! (Am I packed? Nope. Flatmate Kathleen and I just had a discussion about how this semester has utterly changed our perspectives on travel, namely re: our respective tendencies to overprepare. Never before would we be this lax about it. Throw some clothes and a toothbrush in a suitcase, done. It’s kind of nice, really.)

This means, of course, that we’ll have to take a break in the ongoing Spring Break Chronicles. I’m sensing a pattern here: whoops, have to go on break, I’ll talk about London when that’s done. Whoops, have to go to Istanbul, I’ll finish telling you about Italy when I’m back. But when do I post about Istanbul? When will I have the time to get caught up?

Apparently, I’m the world’s worst blogger. Awesome.

Hee. But no, I’m beyond excited for this weekend (Istanbul!), and I’ve determined not to let the scary amount of classwork I have upcoming distract me from having an awesome time. I’ll take far too many pictures and buy too many souvenirs and eat too much food and it’ll be perfect. And I totally have the They Might Be Giants song stuck in my head. I think I need to go listen to some Dvorak while I pack or something. Away! See y’all Sunday.

Istanbul! (Not Constantinople.)

See, here’s the thing

It seems that Weeks Five and Six are going to have to wait a while (it’s okay, they weren’t particularly exciting weeks; mainly they involved a lot of schoolwork), because tonight, after I get home from class at around 8:30, I am going straight to bed until around 2:00 tomorrow morning, and the reason I have to get up at such an ungodly hour is because I am going to Italy. On a…7:30 a.m. flight. Oy. Back-timing it from there, we want to be at the airport around 5:30, which means we have to catch the Gatwick Express from the Victoria station at 4:30, which means we have to get to Victoria (by bus because the Tube isn’t open that early) by around 4:00, which means we need to take a bus from Hyde Park Corner at…oh, some point before then, which means we’ll be out the door of our flat and walking down Knightsbridge with our stuff at around 3:30. These are all a.m. times, remember. It’s…going to be a rough day.

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A study in caffiene dependency

So, it’s October. It’s been October for four days now, in fact. Gosh, how the time flies – wasn’t it just the beginning of September? We’re in the sixth week of the semester, and I keep doing that whole “No, really…six weeks? Has it been that long? Oh, well, I guess it has been that long. It feels like we’ve been here forever. But wait, no, really…six weeks? That long?” thing, which gets tiresome after a while. Is it so much to ask that, you know, a given period of time, having passed, actually feels like said amount of time has passed? (Okay, ignore the clunky grammar there, you know what I meant.)

But I guess no amount of complaining will change the fact that October’s here, and my, what a month it’s shaping up to be. Let’s take a look at the schedule ’round these parts, shall we?

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Curses, foiled again

Superman had Lex Luthor; Spiderman, the Green Goblin. Luke had Darth Vader, Napoleon had the Duke of Wellington. History, literature, and film are all full of these classic hero-and-nemesis pairings; they’re essential to the storytelling traditions of the world, the pivotal good-versus-evil binary: Perseus and Medusa, Elizabeth Bennett and Lady Katherine. In fact, I’m lucky enough to be blessed with an arch-nemesis to call my own, the Wicked Witch of the West to my Dorothy: my hair.

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You would think

You would think that your typical cinderblock dorm wall would, you know, do its job and act as a thermal, visual, and, most importantly, acoustical barrier between your room and your neighbor’s room, because your neighbor is a theater major, one of the ones who started out in Musical Theater but ended up getting shunted into Acting for whatever reason, and has this thing for singing showtunes very loudly and not…prettily, so it’s a good thing that thick concrete wall is there.

You would, however, have to think again.

You would think that the nice, heavy, all-metal, vintage-style fan, which you bought for about half price at The Great Indoors because it was a floor model and all the other new-in-box faux-vintage fans were ridiculously expensive and you’re just a poor college student who nonetheless demands stylish and affordable air-moving solutions, would be just fine sitting on a windowsill with the window open and a bit of a breeze moving through, because: heavy.


But, apparently, you would have to think again.

You would think that, um, a friend of yours, who has spent the past several weeks bemoaning the oppressive heat and humidity of the Central New York summer and annoying his friends by whining constantly about how Colorado weather is a dry heat and it’s absolutely perfect ALL THE TIME never mind those little thunderstorms it’s so much better why can’t I go baaaack, would look upon the arrival of a nice, chilly, westerly wind (see above re: fan) as an auspicious herald of cooler days, relief from the sauna of the previous week, and not as a harbinger of winter doomsday and reason to gripe about being cold.

You would, of course, have to think again.