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You should watch this

…Because it’s the coolest two minutes you’ll spend today (and the Mission-Impossible-y soundtrack is hilarious). I love things like this; installation art, performance piece, and sociological experiment rolled into one. I’d totally do something like this, someday, but I know I wouldn’t be able to hold a straight face. Hee.

Found via Dave Kellett’s excellent webcomic, Sheldon.

More London updates soon!


Uh-whoops! (Or, London Retrospective, Week One)

Well, okay. Apparently I suck at this whole blogging thing, because I’ve been in London for over a month now and, oops, haven’t updated once. What happened, you might well ask, to those much-promised weekly entries? The short answer is that London happened. Sure, we had issues getting Internet access in our flat, and yeah, I’ve been busy with classes and such, but really, after each Awesome Thing I do, I’m too overwhelmed to write about it when I come home. Which is really no excuse, because that’s when my impressions will the the freshest, blah blah values of journaling blah. I know, and I’m terrible, and I’m sorry. So here goes another effort to get back in the habit.

(“Uh-whoops,” in case you’re wondering, is something Flatmate Kathleen has taken to saying lately, and it’s quite infectious. It’s like the standard “whoops,” only better.)

But first, I figure I should catch you up on this past month-and-a-bit, which has been completely packed and absolutely terrific. These week-by-week retrospectives will be presented in installments, because I’m not sure I could actually write everything out in one sitting – shouldn’t you train before a marathon? This’ll get me caught up fairly quickly, though, so instead of telling you about the ancient history of this semester (literally – I’m talking Stonehenge), I can get on to more important blogular things like The Best Cookies In The World and Reasons Why British English Is So Much Better Than Its Bastardized American Cousin. Let’s get this show on the web:

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News flash!

I just now got my acceptance email for London.

SO EXCITED, you guys.

(Also: stay tuned for a special report on NeoCon East 2007. I got to sit in some chairs and meet Jill Fehrenbacher of Inhabitat. She’s awesome. Includes pictures!)

Oh, and also:

There’s a reason – many reasons, actually – I love (love, love, love) Tomato Nation. See it? Over there in the Blogroll? Yeah. One of those reasons is the fact that Sars does things like this, and the fact that her readers have come together to kick some major donation-booty for a great cause. The TN Fall Contest 2007 is still going on – although the requisite amount to get Sars to don a tomato costume and dance around Rockefeller Plaza has already been raised; I can’t wait for the resulting video – and if you’ve got ten bucks to spare, there are some kids who could really use some pencils and books of poetry and after-school science clubs. Go donate. Then go read some Tomato Nation, because writing on the Internet doesn’t get much better than this.