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And so, two years later…

…we’re back.

Maybe. Sort of.

I originally started this site, back when I was but a wee college junior, with the intention of chronicling my semester abroad, and thereafter turning it into a slice-of-life blog that would, indubitably, contain my witty (yet profound) observations on the trials of life as a middle-class 20-something. Needless to say, that fell apart pretty quickly, as you can see from even a cursory glance through the archive. I made it maybe three-quarters of the way through that semester still blogging, always playing catch-up (“Hey guys, just had an awesome time in Istanbul, I’ll tell you all about it later…oh, whoops, I have to go to Ireland now!”), never quite getting there. Then I came home, and the task of retelling all those wonderful beautiful eye-opening experiences just seemed too large to tackle.

Then senior year happened, and the less said about that milieu of sleep deprivation and overcaffeination and nervous breakdowns in diner parking lots at 1:00 in the morning and thesis-writing and some of the best times I’ve had with some of the best people I’ve met, the better, probably. After a while (and it’s been a while, over a year, Jaysus, when did that happen?), the college war stories stop being interesting to anyone except the people who lived them, and while there are a few experiences here and there from which I might still be able to pull a gem worth writing about, I think those stories will have to wait for a while. I miss them a little too much, still.

So Nine Points has sat in a lonely, dusty corner of the Internet, unused, unloved, unlooked-at since 2008. But I’ve been having the writing itch like mad, lately, and being no good at fiction and embarrassingly self-absorbed when it comes to poetry, what better way to satisfy that urge by boring everyone who comes across this blog with tales of the completely interesting (read: not really at all) things that happen in my life? I’m so envious of the blog-writers I follow regularly (Sars, Holly, Pamie—look at me, pretending I’m on a first-name basis with them; sorry, guys—my good friend Maggie, my sassy potato […don’t ask]), of their abilities to turn a week at the job or a business trip or a photograph or a conversation from last night into a beautifully-rendered story without it sounding like someone’s high-school Livejournal. I want to be able to do that, someday, and the only way to do that is to practice. There’s a quotation about writing I love, and I can’t remember who said it, or if I even have the phrasing right, but it’s something like “Writers write. That’s all there is.” Not to put too fine a point on it, but: exactly.

So, kind readers, if there are actually any of you out there (…I’m terrified that there are still some RSS subscriptions floating around, from back when I actually wrote here; sorry if this post shows up in your e-mail and you’re all “the hell?”), please be forgiving as I go about this completely self-indulgent exercise. I’ll try to make it at least a little interesting, and a little bit regular.

No promises, though. I am working three jobs at the moment. It’s hard out here for a recent college grad.


Catching up

Dear Blog,

Oh, I’m so very sorry to have neglected you for so long. No, really – you’re so kind about it, so understanding, but even with the various hells I was going through for the majority of last semester, I should have made time for you. I won’t bore you now with the details of the countless working-till-3:00-am nights, the impossible assignments, the frustrations with the department, the poor eating habits and distance from friends and struggle to survive. No, that’s all over now, thank goodness; I lived, that’s the important thing, and I’m moving on.

What I most regret is missing the chance to tell you some amazing stories, dearest Blog. The long-promised tale of NeoCon 2007, with pretty chairs and a damn good speaker; the fantastic trip to Denver for the National Collegiate Honors Conference (NerdFest 2007), which was basically an all-expenses-paid vacation disguised as an academic endeavor, in my favorite city, with one of my favorite people (“BIG BLUE BEAR!” “…What?”); my Thanksgiving trip to Mount Holyoke to see Hannah, which was my first time traveling alone by bus, and quite lovely; the organ recital I attended almost by accident that ended up being one of the most eye-opening musical experiences of my life; my 1:oo am MoMA Christmas-gift shopping spree; the tearful goodbyes at HSA’s Chillaxin’ with those jerks graduating next semester; the trip home, which would be more accurately described as the Day of Hell, where nearly every air-travel-related thing that could go wrong in fact did, short of an actual aviation disaster. At least I got my bags back. Eventually.

So, yes, it was a pretty eventful semester, right up until the bitter end – there are too many stories, now, to catch up on.

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