About Me, Not That Anyone Is Terribly Interested:

Hi there. I’m Colin, and I am a nerd. Consider yourself warned.

Some things I enjoy include: daydreaming; doodling; aggressively pursuing knowledge about things that approximately three other people on the planet care about; eating cheese; being a beer-snob poseur; using semicolons (and parentheses!); pretending to know way more than I actually do about all manner of things; bagpipes; laughing until I cry, fall over, or both; procrastinating; gettin’ down with snarky feminists; the Muppets; and taking myself way too seriously.

Currently, I live in Denver, Colorado, where I’m paid to arm-wrestle Microsoft Office and imperiously correct grammatical errors with a red pen. It’s pretty all right.


Address any witty conversation and/or big boxes of money to
colin.e.fanning (at) gmail (dot) com.


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