See, here’s the thing

It seems that Weeks Five and Six are going to have to wait a while (it’s okay, they weren’t particularly exciting weeks; mainly they involved a lot of schoolwork), because tonight, after I get home from class at around 8:30, I am going straight to bed until around 2:00 tomorrow morning, and the reason I have to get up at such an ungodly hour is because I am going to Italy. On a…7:30 a.m. flight. Oy. Back-timing it from there, we want to be at the airport around 5:30, which means we have to catch the Gatwick Express from the Victoria station at 4:30, which means we have to get to Victoria (by bus because the Tube isn’t open that early) by around 4:00, which means we need to take a bus from Hyde Park Corner at…oh, some point before then, which means we’ll be out the door of our flat and walking down Knightsbridge with our stuff at around 3:30. These are all a.m. times, remember. It’s…going to be a rough day.

But that’s okay, because a few hours after that, I’ll be in Rome! Which merits several more exclamation points (!!!), because a) I have never been to Italy before, b) I took Latin for four years in high school, so going to Rome is basically a pilgrimage for me, and c) I am so damn ready for spring break. Heh. What a novel idea, really, scheduling a week-long (actually eleven days long, thanks to my awesome schedule) break right at that point in the semester where you’re getting fed up with classes and stuck in your routine and generally kind of grumpy. Four days in Rome and three days in Venice are, I feel, exactly what I need right now: a whole week of seeing tremendously old things, things even older than even London can offer; a whole week of (hopefully) glorious Mediterranean weather, yes I know Venice is in northern Italy shut up already; a whole week of the Euro-to-Dollar exchange rate, which is so much better than Pound-to-Dollar, and I am totally going shopping; a whole week of sitting in Italian cafes and eating Italian food and watching Italians walk by and listening to them speak Italian.

Can you tell I’m excited?

But no, seriously, this break is quite timely. Never mind the loads of work we got assigned yesterday in studio (“thanks,” Professor); I’ll be back in London by next Thursday, so I’ll have a few day to get caught up before the semester starts up again. Really, though, I just need to see something different. London, of course, is all wonderful, but it’s starting to feel too much like a routine; Italy, I’m hoping, will wake me up again to the fact that hey, I’m in Europe. There’s still a ton of stuff I want to do in London itself, and it’s so easy to just settle into the schedule of classes, homework, classes, homework. C’mon, spring break. Rejuvenation, right? That’s your job, right? Do your stuff.

Obviously, I’ll be largely out of touch with Le Internet for the next week, but you can expect an entirely overenthusiastic report once I’ve returned. With pictures. Which reminds me, I need to charge my camera. But yes – until next Thursday, dear friends.

(…I’m going to ITALY. What is this semester?)

Anyone else going on spring break next week? What are all y’all up to?


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