Let it begin

So here we are. Almost midnight, the night before I leave Colorado for New York. This time tomorrow, I’ll be asleep, alone in a Days Inn in the city, waiting for morning and the flight to London. Well, no, the flight isn’t until 7:45 pm – I’ll just be at the airport all day before that, because check-out is 11:00 am and where else can I go with two suitcases packed to the gills? Good thing I’m bringing my own entertainment.

These past few days have been an utter blur, but finally I’m in decent shape for this trip. My bags are mostly packed – just a few last-minute items, toiletries and such, to throw in when I get up. Plug adapters have been bought, a new camera purchased and much admired, laundry done, thank-you notes written. (What? Christmas was only, like, two and a half weeks ago.) The goodbyes have been said, sort of – some of them were by text message, but it’s the thought that counts, right? After all of this stress and preparation and expense, all the visa applications and insurance forms and international cell phone fiascos, after the lists and goodbye dinners and I don’t even know what else, is it really possible that all I have left is to get on that plane tomorrow?

Well, we’re ignoring the fact that I still have to find a place to live once I’m in London, and there are a number of e-mails I could have gotten around to writing, but it seems that the state-side (I made fun of Aaron earlier tonight for using that term – I can’t believe I just wrote it) portion of my journey is quickly drawing to a close. And that’s just…incredibly surreal. I was talking to Kathleen earlier, a continuation of this cross-country support-system thing we’ve had going during all this insanity, and both of us were kind of baffled by…well, everything. There’s been so much – no, really, so much – work to get to this point that it almost doesn’t seem possible that it’s finally here. In two days’ time, I’ll be in London. London!

I’ve detailed elsewhere my case of nerves on the topic, and it’s still pretty firmly in place. I’m going to miss a lot of people this semester, and I’m sure there’ll be a few culture-shock rough patches now and then. But underneath my anxiety, under the worries about flying overnight and customs officers and the USD-GBP exchange rate, I have this tremendous excitement swelling like a hot-air balloon. I’m going to London, you guys. For a whole semester. And living with four theater majors. And I have a new camera. As grand adventures go, this is about as grand as it gets; let’s get this show on the road.

…We’ll see how gung-ho I am about this tomorrow, when the unfortunate reality of air travel is staring me down, but right now? Bring it, London. I’m ready.

If you’re hip, you may have already gotten my solicitation for addresses – it looks like I’ll be spending as much on postcards and postage as I will on food, which is rad, because the postcard is totally a lost art, plus, London – but if you’d like one and aren’t on Stalkerbook, send me an e-mail at cefannin (at) gmail (dot) com with your address. Blah blah promise not to sell your information to catalog companies blah. And this should be the start of some serious blogging action – look for weekly updates at the least, although I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep to a regular posting schedule. (See that little link at the bottom of the page? RSS is your friend.) And pictures! Did I mention I have a new camera?

See you in Greenwich Mean Time.


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