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Let it begin

So here we are. Almost midnight, the night before I leave Colorado for New York. This time tomorrow, I’ll be asleep, alone in a Days Inn in the city, waiting for morning and the flight to London. Well, no, the flight isn’t until 7:45 pm – I’ll just be at the airport all day before that, because check-out is 11:00 am and where else can I go with two suitcases packed to the gills? Good thing I’m bringing my own entertainment.

These past few days have been an utter blur, but finally I’m in decent shape for this trip. My bags are mostly packed – just a few last-minute items, toiletries and such, to throw in when I get up. Plug adapters have been bought, a new camera purchased and much admired, laundry done, thank-you notes written. (What? Christmas was only, like, two and a half weeks ago.) The goodbyes have been said, sort of – some of them were by text message, but it’s the thought that counts, right? After all of this stress and preparation and expense, all the visa applications and insurance forms and international cell phone fiascos, after the lists and goodbye dinners and I don’t even know what else, is it really possible that all I have left is to get on that plane tomorrow?

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