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Catching up

Dear Blog,

Oh, I’m so very sorry to have neglected you for so long. No, really – you’re so kind about it, so understanding, but even with the various hells I was going through for the majority of last semester, I should have made time for you. I won’t bore you now with the details of the countless working-till-3:00-am nights, the impossible assignments, the frustrations with the department, the poor eating habits and distance from friends and struggle to survive. No, that’s all over now, thank goodness; I lived, that’s the important thing, and I’m moving on.

What I most regret is missing the chance to tell you some amazing stories, dearest Blog. The long-promised tale of NeoCon 2007, with pretty chairs and a damn good speaker; the fantastic trip to Denver for the National Collegiate Honors Conference (NerdFest 2007), which was basically an all-expenses-paid vacation disguised as an academic endeavor, in my favorite city, with one of my favorite people (“BIG BLUE BEAR!” “…What?”); my Thanksgiving trip to Mount Holyoke to see Hannah, which was my first time traveling alone by bus, and quite lovely; the organ recital I attended almost by accident that ended up being one of the most eye-opening musical experiences of my life; my 1:oo am MoMA Christmas-gift shopping spree; the tearful goodbyes at HSA’s Chillaxin’ with those jerks graduating next semester; the trip home, which would be more accurately described as the Day of Hell, where nearly every air-travel-related thing that could go wrong in fact did, short of an actual aviation disaster. At least I got my bags back. Eventually.

So, yes, it was a pretty eventful semester, right up until the bitter end – there are too many stories, now, to catch up on.

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