A study in caffiene dependency

So, it’s October. It’s been October for four days now, in fact. Gosh, how the time flies – wasn’t it just the beginning of September? We’re in the sixth week of the semester, and I keep doing that whole “No, really…six weeks? Has it been that long? Oh, well, I guess it has been that long. It feels like we’ve been here forever. But wait, no, really…six weeks? That long?” thing, which gets tiresome after a while. Is it so much to ask that, you know, a given period of time, having passed, actually feels like said amount of time has passed? (Okay, ignore the clunky grammar there, you know what I meant.)

But I guess no amount of complaining will change the fact that October’s here, and my, what a month it’s shaping up to be. Let’s take a look at the schedule ’round these parts, shall we?

First up, the application for study abroad (yay, London!) is due on the 15th. For most people, this wouldn’t be a big deal: fill out application, get faculty recommendation, okay, done. But for the Design in London program, one must submit a 15-slide portfolio and write a letter of intent – neither of which is too onerous a task in its own right, but I keep having to push it back for things like our restaurant project due next week or the massive amount of writing I keep getting assigned for Creative Nonfiction. I’ll probably end up doing the whole thing in a dead panic on the night of the 14th. “And the surprise here is…what, exactly?” SHUT UP I KNOW I HAVE A PROCRASTINATION PROBLEM ENOUGH ALREADY. Yeesh.

That same week, on the 17th and 18th, the entire Interior Design junior class is going to Washington D.C., for a design tour (I guess?) of the monuments, and Baltimore, for the NeoCon East tradeshow. I’m really looking forward to the show, because I’m a huge nerd and get really excited about carpet samples (mmm, DesignWeave, you do know how to work those looped piles) and clever postmodern light fixtures (“Is that…is that a bucket? Like, an old rusty one?” “…I think it is.” “Sweet.”) and free promotional materials (push-pins in the shape of modern chairs – best idea EVER, you guys). But, of course, we have to miss a few non-Interiors classes, which means making up work, and we have to have a resume and portfolio on-hand for the career-fair part of NeoCon, and I don’t know, as much as I like the other people in my class, I’m not sure how I’ll handle being stuffed into a bus with them for two days. I guess we’ll see.

And the day after NeoCon, the 19th, I have a…dance performance? At a wedding? At the…fancy Sheraton? Where’d that come from?

Towards the end of the month, we have a massive project for Lighting Design (Build Your Own Luminaire, And FYI, The Shop Will Totally Not Be Open When You Need It, So Have Fun!) due, as well as the first part of a lighting “journal,” in which we must analyze the lighting systems of a number of spaces – residential, commercial, hospitality, and so on. Because I totally have the time to go sit sketchily in buildings all over the Syracuse metro area while I draw out the floor plans and count electrical outlets. …Oh, wait, I don’t have the time to do that, because in addition to everything else I have to do this month, I also have to figure out how to MacGyver up a table lamp using take-out containers and Post-Its, because see above re: the shop.

Aaand for the hat trick, I’m attending and presenting at the National Collegiate Honors Conference (yes, okay, Nerdfest 2007, let’s just get the jokes out of the way) at the end of October and into the early part of November, so I have to 1) write the presentation with Mags, which is actually going to kick butt, but it takes time, is the thing, and 2) somehow convey to my art history professor that, for various travel-related reasons, I’m going to be missing the next three tests in his class. Hey, it’s his fault for scheduling one during NeoCon – he should’ve gotten that memo a long time ago.

This is all, of course, in addition to the usual readings and weekly writing portfolios and harp practice sessions and design projects that are simply facts of life when you’re an overworked Interior Design major. In short: shut up, October. Especially with this 85-degrees-and-sunny kick you’ve been on lately. It’s fall; bring on the scarves, already. And seriously, ENOUGH. WITH. THE DEADLINES.

No sleep until November, it seems (although, heh – don’t even get me started about November). Pretty much par for the course around here.

In other news, hellooo, Starbucks.


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