You would think

You would think that your typical cinderblock dorm wall would, you know, do its job and act as a thermal, visual, and, most importantly, acoustical barrier between your room and your neighbor’s room, because your neighbor is a theater major, one of the ones who started out in Musical Theater but ended up getting shunted into Acting for whatever reason, and has this thing for singing showtunes very loudly and not…prettily, so it’s a good thing that thick concrete wall is there.

You would, however, have to think again.

You would think that the nice, heavy, all-metal, vintage-style fan, which you bought for about half price at The Great Indoors because it was a floor model and all the other new-in-box faux-vintage fans were ridiculously expensive and you’re just a poor college student who nonetheless demands stylish and affordable air-moving solutions, would be just fine sitting on a windowsill with the window open and a bit of a breeze moving through, because: heavy.


But, apparently, you would have to think again.

You would think that, um, a friend of yours, who has spent the past several weeks bemoaning the oppressive heat and humidity of the Central New York summer and annoying his friends by whining constantly about how Colorado weather is a dry heat and it’s absolutely perfect ALL THE TIME never mind those little thunderstorms it’s so much better why can’t I go baaaack, would look upon the arrival of a nice, chilly, westerly wind (see above re: fan) as an auspicious herald of cooler days, relief from the sauna of the previous week, and not as a harbinger of winter doomsday and reason to gripe about being cold.

You would, of course, have to think again.

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