Yesterday evening, I was slogging my way through a couple of highly technical readings for a class. They were in .pdf format, so I opted to read them on my laptop rather than spend the ink to print them out – I would generally prefer to read from a tactile object, but I had already used half of my brand-new black cartridge printing previous readings for the same class, which, “thanks,” professor. Anyway, there I was, hunched in front my computer reading an essay titled “A Cognitive-Historical Perspective in Human Computer Interaction” or something like that, ruining my retinas, listening to iTunes on shuffle, just waiting until the page count at the bottom of the Adobe Reader hit that magic “16 of 16.” Another night at SU.

And then something weird happened. The lyric in the song playing at the moment (Joanna Newsom’s “Only Skin”) hit the word “pockets,” just as I read the exact same word in the essay.


Okay, okay. I mean, it wasn’t exactly an earth-shattering occurrence or anything, but there was just something about it I found fascinating – that tiny temporal crossroads, two completely disparate entities coinciding for the briefest of moments, crossing paths in some way. I sort of have a thing for small strangenesses like that; I’ll use some mildly uncommon word in a paper one day, and the next day a professor for a different class will use the same word in her lecture, and I’ll just think “…heh” to myself. I don’t know. I like noticing these things. It gives a certain layer of meaning to an otherwise totally mundane situation. It feels like sharing a secret with the universe.

Or maybe it’s just a coincidence and I am, as per usual, reading way too much into it. You know, whichever.


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